Less than two months away!

The Christmas season is soooo busy that I barely had a chance to think about our upcoming cruise. But, now that the holidays are over and the decorations are put away, I can put all my energy into making sure that my summer clothes are ready to go into a suitcase!

Immediately, I realized that I still have a lot of questions. Do I pack our own beach towels for on shore excursions? (Ruth helped me with that one. No, the ship will let us check them out to take on shore. Apparently, “you lose it, you buy it” applies here.)

Today’s question is this: For a 7-day cruise, how many outfits should I take? (I know how shallow that sounds.) But, seriously, will daytime clothes work for the informal dinners? Just how hot will it get in the Caribbean in March? (That’s code for “How sweaty will I get and need to change?)

Ok, help me out here. Just how many sets of clothes do we need to take?


Less than two months away! — 2 Comments

  1. my thought it there might be a place at the pier. Others have sugsgeted a hotel or a bus depending if you are doing post cruise days but it doesn’t sound like that is your situation. good luck and have fun.

    • Great Ship of many great Royal Caribbean ships. Been on 3 in this class (Voyager, Adventurer and Explorer). Usually stay in inside canbis, allows me to go on more cruises. You do not spend enough time in your room to make it worth while getting an extra ordinary room.

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