Our cruise schedule has arrived!

I checked my email one last time last night and, there it was, our tentative cruise schedule! It is actually starting to feel close now! I’ve been so curious about how they planned the concerts and dinner schedule to accommodate so many people. Apparently, we are divided into blue and red color groups. (Does that remind you of 2nd grade reading, or what?) Within those groups we also have a second color which will allow us to have priority seating at the concert a couple of times during the week. I assume by “priority” they mean something along the lines of get-there-early-enough-and-you-can-sit-at-David-Phelps’-feet-type priority? That’s how I read it! 🙂

Wow, though, I have a new respect for how much the artists actually work on these cruises! They sing twice on most days, with the exception of Wednesday. There are a couple of autograph sessions thrown in there as well. Bill, Gloria, and Ken Davis all lead different morning devotions–at 7am! (I haven’t decided if I’m getting up for those, yet. That’s quiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite early when you are on vacation.)

Anyway, I posted the tentative schedule for those of you that are as curious as I am about how these things all work. Buried in the schedule are also the times that we arrive and leave each port of call.

So, so excited! Just a couple more things to find for my husband and we will be all set to fold and pack!

P.S. Did you know that soda is NOT included in the all-inclusive meals? I guess soda is considered an indulgence! Ha! Indulgence! (It’s going to be an expensive week–that’s all I’m sayin’.)

Here’s the link to the schedule:


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    • Thanks for that tip, Bonnie! The way I go through Diet Coke should make me a test patient for a scientific study–but that is a post for another day and another website!

      Are you going to be on this cruise?

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