Two more days until we sail

It’s actually only one day until my husband and I depart for Fort Lauderdale. Snow can fall anytime in Colorado and I have no intention of “missing the boat” because our flight was canceled because of inclement weather! (Two days ago we got six inches, but I still wore my flip flops out today. I really do love it here!)

I can’t wait to get on the ship and meet up with my DP phriends, my Facebook friends, and my new Cruise Critic acquaintances. Other than Post-It notes on the door, I have no idea how we will find each other if we don’t know a room number, but I’ll cross that gangplank when I get to it. 🙂 Even though we are headed to the sunny Caribbean, it is truly the music that I’m going to hear. Concerts in the states are wonderful, but they are over so quickly. On the ship, we will get SIX concerts, almost in a row! I intend to soak in every delightful minute.

I’ll confess I’m a little tired of packing. Since I’m a newbie to this, I’m sure we have over-packed. (All the packing lists say “bring a hat,” but, if I don’t wear a hat here, will I wear a hat there? I didn’t even wear a hat when we lived in Florida.) The good thing is all you future cruisers are welcome to learn from my mistakes, because I’ll share all most of them here once we get back. I may even share my OCD-ish, Excel-spreadsheet, color-coded, luggage-tag-sized packing lists. (Nah, I doubt it. I want to be known as normal for as long as possible.)

Anyway, 48 hours from now we should be settling into our rooms, putting things away, downing a dose of Dramamine, and getting in line for our first dinner on the ship! I can’t wait!


Two more days until we sail — 4 Comments

  1. I want the spreadsheets….hahaha I am addicted to spreadsheets for everything.
    Have fun and be gentle with your spouse…break him in gently to zaniness of your phriends.

  2. I didn’t take the Dramamine, and what I did take didn’t work completely. But, I skipped dinner so that I could sleep it off and make it to the concert! After that, I had no motion sickness whatever! Yea!

    Next cruise, you guys have to go also! Deal?

  3. That almost haeepnpd to me. Our flight came in right when the ship was scheduled to depart, but luckily they waited for us. They only did so because they booked the flights for us, so it was their responsibility.I would contact the cruise line as soon as possible. They will tell you what your options are. If the flight was booked by them, they should wait for you. If not, it’s not their problem and they’ll set sail.I recommend getting to the departure city many hours, or even better, a day before the cruise. So if it leaves from Orlando, spend the night there and then spend some time there before the cruise starts embarkation. This way, you won’t have to worry about getting there too close for comfort. Any delays you have hopefully shouldn’t keep you from going on your cruise.If you still miss the cruise, make sure you call the cruise line and explain your dilemma. They sometimes let you board at the next port of call, so you’d miss the first part of your cruise but will still get to experience the rest of it. The only problem is, sometimes cruises are really short and you miss most of it, or some ports have laws that don’t allow embarkation. I almost had to do that, but my first port was at Key West, and they have laws against letting you board a cruise ship from there (unless you got off there during a cruise and got back on), so I would have missed half of my cruise!Obviously they can’t like stop a ship for you in the middle of the ocean to let you board. They can’t like get you on a helicopter and get you on the ship while it is sailing. So you either miss the cruise entirely, or get on at another port (but you need to arrange this with the cruise line!).Sometimes they might give you a refund or credit for another cruise, if you bought insurance. It depends on the cruise line and your situation.

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